Check out Diana's Album: Thank God
In Advance

"In this album, Diana has cut a set of tracks that stands up to anyone."

   Producer, Bunny Sigler
Check out Diana's New Book: Thank God In Advance: A Companion to the Album

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Welcome to the website for Texas Christian author, singer-songwriter, mental health consumer and advocate Diana Wilcox. Diana has released one CD, "Thank God in Advance," and is working on her second one with legendary producer, Philadelphia-based Bunny Sigler.

Tate Publishing and Music Group has released Diana's book Thank God in Advance: A Companion to the Album. The book tells of Diana's ongoing recovery from Schizoaffective Disorder and Mild Autism through a greater relationship with Jesus Christ. The book also reveals the meaning and origin of the songs on the album Thank God in Advance. Diana looks forward to the day when people will be judged not by the diagnosis in their medical records, but by the content of their character. Diana's recovery has required her to overcome the stigma in her own mind.

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